The Charlie's Fast Lube Anna Guide to Caring for Your Transmission

May 26, 2024

Most vehicles have automatic transmissions, yet a lot of Anna drivers only have a fuzzy understanding about what a transmission does. Think back to the last time you rode a bike in Anna. You started out in a lower gear and shifted to higher gears as you went faster. Down shift for hills, stuff l... More

Another Couple of Years: Making Your Vehicle Last With Help From Charlie's Fast Lube Anna

May 19, 2024

A while back, the Cash for Clunkers program was all over the Illinois news. Anna people could trade in their old vehicle for a new one that got better gas mileage and receive a government rebate. A lot of Anna motorists had so-called clunkers that they wanted to keep. They're good commuters, gro... More

Anna Customer Detective Work

May 12, 2024

One might say the most challenging part of being an automotive service technician at Charlie's Fast Lube Anna is diagnosing a problem before it can be fixed.Cars are made up of a bunch of complex systems. There usually could be a number of reasons for any given symptom. So, it's challenging to tr... More

It Wears on You (Tire Rotation)

May 5, 2024

If someone told you there was a fairly inexpensive way to improve your vehicle's handling, fuel economy and extend the life of your tires, you'd probably ask, "What do I have to do?" The answer is to rotate your tires. But you have to do it regularly. A lot of drivers think skipping tire rotatio... More